Friday, September 6, 2019

Tips for Full Flowering Annuals

Purple annual
Austin, Texas neighborhood activist Nancy Naeve has dedicated much of her life to serving her neighborhood association and local garden club. When not advocating for preservation and beautification efforts for her Austin subdivision, Nancy Naeve enjoys caring for annuals in her garden.

Annuals are flowering plants that last one growing season. They are well-loved among gardeners because of their abundant blooms. The following tips can help the plants flower all season long:

Transplant: While annuals are very hardy, putting too much stress on a plant can limit blooming. It is important to quickly transplant newly purchased nursery plants into roomy pots or flower beds with nutrient-rich soil.

Water: Under or overwatering can impact the health of an annual. Most annuals require watering when first transplanted. To avoid oversoaking the roots, gardeners should re-water only when the topsoil feels dry. In very hot and dry climates, some plants may require watering several times a day.

Deadhead: Annuals produce many more blooms than other types of flowering plants. Once the flower dies, it goes to seed. However, annuals will slow down flower production if too many seeds are produced. Removing the withering flower before the seed-forming process begins will encourage the plant to produce more flowers.